term 3 report

English: i got all highs in english, one thing i think i can improve on is writing.
Math: i got all highs in math, i dont know what i can improve on.
Food: i got 1 high and 4 mediums in food , one thing i could improve on is remembering to bring my recipe book.
Ilearn: i got 1 high and 4 mediums in ilearn, one thing i could improve on is remembering my blog cetrel username and password.
French: i got 5 mediums in french, one thing i could improve on is completing my work on time.
Music: i got 2 highs and 3 mediums in music, one thing i think i can improve on is getting more work done.
Sport: i got 3 highs and 2 mediums in sport, one thing i could improve on is not messing around.
Science: i got all highs in science, one thing i could improve on is not disracting people when there doing work.
Sose: i got all highs in sose, one thing i could improve on is not messing around.

Cyber Safety summary

we where learning about cyber safety in Ilearn. we learnt some people lie about there age and try to get infomation. we also learnt that we dont give out our infomation to anyone because if you give your password to someone they could learn everything about you, even secrets.

Multiple Intelligence Survey

In the survey we had to answer 40 questions and work out our 2 best strengths. Mine where Kinaesthetic (Body Smart) and Interpersonal (People Smart).

Kinaesthetic (Body Smart): You will enjoy sports and are good at swimming, athletics, gymnastics and others sports.

Interpersonal (People Smart): You will like to mix with other people and you will belong to lots of clubs. You are good at team games and are good at sharing.

My report

I thought i would get a low in my report but i only got mediams and highs. I got 23 mediams and 17 highs. the ones i did best at are art and ilearn, i got all highs in both of them. the ones i did the worst at are physical education and study of society & environment, i got all mediams in both of them.


Speed stacking


Speed stacking is a sport where you have two build 3 towers and unstack as quick as you can. There in 3 different types of speed stacking, there is the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and the cycle.  I’ve been two 2 tournaments last year, the Victorian and the Australian. I came 2nd in the Victoria and 4th in Australia. My record is 2.94 for the 3-6-3, 2.40 for the 3-3-3 and 9.50 for the cycle. My relay team got the Australian record with 21.34 seconds. Here is a video i added on youtube last year: http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=speed+stacking+3-3-3,+9+cycle,+3-6-3,&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CDgQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dug3lLoHImBE&ei=Tf9IUdDqOISEkgXeiICoCg&usg=AFQjCNH8ctnwLRzKLBhxmHlZRMV7GEhgDQ&bvm=bv.44011176,d.dGI

learning goals

I’m going to try to make more friends and try not to make any enemys.

I’m going to try to get better at writing and finishing work on time.

I’m going to try to ceep my laptop chareged and bring it to school every day.